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A brief Introduction

Matonjeni is a loosely constituted group of companies that operate as an integrated supply chain in the Manufacture, Marketing and distribution of Food and Beverage brands. The group’s operations cover three countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The ambition is much broader.

The Company has created three strategic business units currently running as individual independent entities.

i)     The brand owning and brand development and category activation unit. This is the
       brand house.(Guru-Uswa, in South Africa)
ii)    The second is the “massive procurement” unit. This is designed to,
       and has developed a powerful supply chain that not only buys fluently but also
       sets up strategic alliances that bring investment, R & D, Regional
       reach and cost efficiency. (Interlink Global Procurement, based in South Africa).
iii)   The third is the Affiliate companies set up in the selected countries / markets and
       operates to manufacture and market the brand propositions designed and
       formulated by the brand house and powered by the Interlink supply chain. 
       Matonjeni is currently successfully trading in two affiliate countries: Zimbabwe
       (since 2002) and Zambia since (2011)

The African Roll Out

  • Matonjeni’s vision is to become a Dominant player in the categories we participate in, in the markets we chose to operate in, through a Simple, Replicable and Transportable Business Model
  • This will represent in the short term, (5 years), over 200 Million consumers In 8 countries and in the medium term (8 years), 379 Million consumers in 11 countries in Central, East and Southern Africa.
  • The African roll-out will be in seven major horizons spanning eight years and eleven countries.


The Matonjeni proposition will be powered by:

Four stout legs forming our strategic thrusts:

1.   A consumer focused onslaught that will win major share of consumer spend in their
      daily life in the Region represented by a Basket of Powerful Food & beverage Brands.
2.   A supply chain onslaught that will drive costs down, drive efficiencies and quality up
      to power the consumer proposition in the SADC and COMESA and other markets.
3.   A trade Activation onslaught that uses superior route & channel
      activation technologies to make our business the most preferred supplier in our
      categories & most supported brands in the various trade channels
4.   A powerful Afro-centric distribution & logistical technologies that enable us to
      effectively & cost efficiently reach all key centers of consumption in Africa

Our Knowledge of the African Environment

  • One of our biggest advantages is our intense knowledge and extensive experience of the African environment which has helped us to engineer products, technologies and strategies that  are highly competitive in Africa.
  • This has enabled us to create  high quality world class  brands suitable for the African consumers pocket and at the same time profitable to Matonjeni, its entire supply chain and its investors

For Investment Opportunities, contact our Chairman Mayor Mangeya
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